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This is the tech blog, here i write about technology, space, robotics, education and things that interest me. You can subscribe to the blog at the bottom of this page.
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Education (8)

Sunday, 26 June 2016 19:29

Game Informed Learning

Written by

I have a chat with Dr. Hamish MacLeod from the University of Edinbrugh about Game Based Learning.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016 08:46

Formative assessment makes better teachers

Written by

Formative assessment is done as students are learning. Summative assessment is at the end (like n exam). We all think that formative assessment in class is cumbersome, takes time and yields little results, however,in my experience, formative assessment makes better teachers and better learning.

Sunday, 12 June 2016 17:22

A bad week for the environment in Malta

Written by

It was a very bad week for environmentalists and animal lovers alike in Malta, in a single week, a British Bulldog was tied outside in the scorching sun and died, 250,000 bees burned in 220 hives and a great white shark was captured and killed. It is the season for stupidity or what?

Thursday, 02 June 2016 12:23

The flipped classroom

Written by

No, you don’t need to bring out your nuts and bolts to affix chairs and tables to the ceiling and No, you don’t need thirty teachers and one student in each class. I am going to be discussing strictly methodologies so no need for the hardware store.

Thursday, 02 June 2016 12:21

The importance of tinkering in the classroom

Written by

Our current education system like many others around the world leaves very little time for thinking and learning through experience. We instill a paradigm on our students that success is only something which is measured by summative assessments, by certificates you achieve and how well you did in your last test. Without diminishing the importance of such achievements the reality of the situation is that said achievements show specialist skills and should not be implemented in core or stem abilities.


Thursday, 02 June 2016 12:18

Kindergarten Coders

Written by

Software Coding or programming send shivers down the spines of normal mortal beings because programming is “hard”, technical, mathematical and only reserved for those brilliant minds who look at the world and see things which mere humans fail to see, the invisible connections in logic and problem solving the ability to “think outside of the box” and all that hallaballoo.

The 2 sigma problem which has been in education theory for around 30 years and was coined by bloom one of the foremost modern educational researchers, argues the fact that when a student is moved from a classroom environment to a one to one tutoring environment shows a ninety-eight percentile increase in performance compared to the average student in the classroom. Bloom called this difference the “2 sigma” problem. Bloom called it a problem because unfortunately in today’s educational classroom environment it is impossible to reach every student in a one to one scenario, we simply do not have the resources to do that in a physical classroom.

In the past years Local councils in Malta have been trying to bring people to thier town by oganising local feasts which are in tune with their towns' history. For example Qormi organise the Feast of Bread, which makes sense as Qormi is renowned for the history of the old bakeries.

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I have been working in the IT and Technology industry for more than 20 years. Most of my work experience is international, i have worked with clients in the US, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France, South and North Africa. I have two Master's Degrees one in Computer Science and the other in Management of Information Systems (Knowledge Management), i am Prince2 Certified as well as an Adobe Certified Expert and Microsoft Certified Professional. At the moment I work with the Ministry for Education and Employment in Malta. I am currently reading for two PhD's one in Education and one in Computer Science.

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